Although Canada, Australia, the USA occupies the top three study destinations in the world, planning to study in Europe post-Brexit is equally popular and attractive for international students.

If stats were to be believed, there were 1.3 million students from abroad who undertook tertiary level studied across Europe post-Brexit in 2018. Out of 44% international students, 25 % were from Asia.

Why Choose To Study In Europe?

You will be overwhelmed by the number of countries you could choose to study in Europe. This would also mean many different cultures to immerse yourself in and learn from. Here are some benefits of studying at European universities!

    • Boost your career prospectus: Employers are always in search of applicants who have done something out of their “comfort zone”. Studying abroad can set you apart from other people, moreover, help you gain international exposure, and build future connections.
    • Low tuition: Compared to top study destinations for international students, the tuition fees for higher education in Europe is generally very low. There are also countless scholarships you can apply for further lowering the cost. Ask our consultants to know the currently available scholarships to study in Europe.
    • Excellent connectivity: Europe is a single landmass that is divided into several smaller countries. Thanks to the formation of the Economic Union in form of the European Union, the movement of people is across its member countries is seamless. It’s pretty cheap traveling throughout Europe, so your student budget may hardly take a hit!
    • Work while studying: Most European countries allow international students to gain work experience even on a study permit. It is essential to gain international work exposure as well as meet your expenses. However, work conditions are restricted compared to other immigrants on work or another residence permit.
    • World-class education: Europe is home to some of the world’s top-ranked and historic universities. There is a strong community of international academics, favoring Engineering, Medical, and Social Sciences. Ask our counselors to analyze your profile and match your requirements with the best available study programs and universities in Europe.
How Can BiMars Help You?

BiMars extends its overseas education consultancy services to European countries like UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Malta, Georgia, Poland, and more.

As your trusted study abroad partner, BiMars seek to offer:

    • Career counseling and match your interests with the best study programs available in selected European Universities
    • To provide students with a single point hassle-free, high-quality services for students seeking to study in Europe
    • Full assistance in language proficiency training and relevant exams, Statement of Purpose, Letter Of Recommendation, etc. for the purpose of admissions
    • Legal documentation support for the purpose of study visa in Europe
    • Post-arrival services including accommodation, work permit after graduation, and more

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