Immigration procedure is made up of a series of complex laws, regulations, and court rulings that seem to change constantly. Those willing to immigrate to top OECD countries may have to deal with immigration law changes until they receive their citizenship, which can take years.

There are generally three main types of immigration:
    • Immigration for Permanent Residence
    • Family-based immigration
    • Business/investor immigration







Most countries allow for permanent residence placements for immigrant workers. Developed economies like Canada, Australia offer permanent residence to highly qualified skilled workers even without prior local work experience.

There are different visas available depending on the occupations. For example, there are different visas for engineers, doctors, financial managers, farm workers, athletes, and many other types of workers.

International students who graduate from foreign universities may qualify for permanent residence in that particular country based on their work experience after graduation.

Immigration friendly countries like Canada, Australia are equally open to welcome dependent family members of immigrant workers.

Developed countries are also offering excellent opportunities for international entrepreneurs, investors to settle and manage new or existing business.

There is always a good chance for all PR holders to obtain citizenship within a few years of fulfilling the mandatory residence provision.

No matter what your need is, immigration law is complex. The laws are frequently changing and there is also a lot of paperwork involved.

A licensed immigration consultant like BiMars is experienced enough to handle this redundant and difficult task on your behalf. We will simplify the procedure as well as help you prepare for interviews with immigration officials.

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