6 new immigration programs been launched for international graduates, French speakers and proficient workers.

Around 90,000 international student graduates, French speaking applications and essential workers get introduced to new pathways in attaining their permanent residence through the new IRCC programs introduced. 

Canada to introduce six new immigration pathway programs this may, which had been announced on April 14 by Canada’s immigration minister, Marco Mendicino. 

In consideration of the new three programs induced, they pave a new opportunity for about 90,000 new immigrants to sustain their permanent residence and the remaining three programs had been regulated to assist new opportunities to immigration candidates such as the French-Speaking applicants. 

Candidates as the temporary workers employed in hospitals and long-term care homes, and those on the frontlines , are prioritized for these new programs. Canadian students from other universities and international students have also been taken in consideration through these new programs initiated by the IRCC.

Application to be availed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)  on May 6 onwards in accordance to these three streams:

  • Temporary workers in health care get placed to accept about 20,000 applications.
  • Temporary workers in varied sectors of crucial occupations get placed to accept about 30000 applications.
  • International graduates and students from around other premises of Canadian educational institution get placed about 40,000 applications

The deadline assorted for these streams are lasting upto November 5, 2021. Workers in 40 healthcare occupations, 95 other crucial jobs in the range of fields, like caregiving and food production and distribution, were given out an open opportunity through these streams.

Hinted plan for a long time coming

As the announced targets were been initiated by the Canadian immigration minister which was considered the highest immigration targets, it was presumably a hinted move to facilitate new immigrants systems to the temporary residents. This was solely based on a criterion to emulate the already existing temporary residents to get their access to the permanent residency. Being accounted so far, Canada has been prevailed to be awarded quite a few times in consideration to facilitate such transitions, one such is the 100 different economic class programs. Statistics Canada research states that in  credential terms, supports integration into the country’s labour market has been wavering alongside with the support provided through the residence.  The temporary foreign workers and international students are thus been assisted to retain back to their roots accordingly. One of the major reasons as to why Canada promotes broader distribution of the immigration across.

Domestic candidates targeted by the Express Entry draws 

Canada has held Express Entry draws had been an effective way to draw onto numerous proficient immigrants all the way through (CEC) Canadian Experience Class, or through the Provincial Nominee (PNP). The Canadian government had been determined to achieve very large numbers of immigration candidates to apply for permanent residence this 2021, therefore the Express Entry system had been considered an evident way to get economic class immigrants apply for permanent residence which also comprises of one-quarter of Canada’s annual newcomer admissions. 

The recent draw of February 13 based on the CEC conducted, resulted around 27,332 candidates, which is considerably  largest and most historic draw conducted ever since 2015. The success attained through this draw was mainly due to tge conceptual aim to get all candidates are already in Canada to get their access to the permanent residence, as they had the leverage in terms of not being affected by travel restrictions, and  not experiencing the same difficulties in gathering their documents together compared to overseas applicants. Thereby around 90 percent of CEC candidates were already been in Canada. 

 401,000 newcomer goal to be acclaimed by Canada 

Express Entry system and PNP, programs such as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot and other federal streams  have been tremendously supporting the individual candidates to get their access to the permanent residence. Other Canadian economic class streams to also assist in transition to application of the permanent residence . 

IRCC and Quebec began to accept permanent residence applications by December 2020 in recognition to for the contribution   of help indicated  to Canada during the pandemic, this also averse the occurrence to help them get their permanent residence beyond the pandemic stay. Due to the past advances and contributions to assist combat the pandemic crisis, the candidates had won over the residents hearts. 

Family class immigrants do not contain the travel restrictions, hence they also give in hand to ensure help to attain Canada’s 401,000 target. Newcomer admissions   of these family class immigrants take over one quarter of Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan.

Why is immigration connected to the economic recovery in Canada 

Canada’s fertility rate had been a deluded crises in the downfall of the economy. Ever since 1971, they processed a high up-down dismantle of producing the after generating babies through women which were around 2.1 babies in average. In comparison to 1965, the generation had been producing a certain confronted range, but it declined soon after. 

Moreover, to fill the inconsistent gap, Canada required new working skilled labourers to maintain their high standard economy to go smooth, this emerged into the consideration of the immigration applications to turnover the turmoil of the downfall and to help mitigate its demographic challenges. 

In accordance to this, the new set target of attaining 401,000 newcomer had been prevailing in high active phase, as new applications for permanent residence had been recorded through the new IRCC data.

  Nearly 50,000 new permanent residents  were been welcomed in the first two months in 2021 by Canada, so the target would soon be flourished accordingly.