Application for Quebec permanent immigration pilots open

Applicants for orderlies and food processing workers been accessed by the Quebec’s pilot program.
On March 31, Nadine Girault the minister of Quebec’s immigration had announced an official opening of
the Permanent Immigration Pilot Program

of accepting around 550 principal applicants who work
orderlies, which usually prevails upto 5 years.
According to Quebec’s province, this criteria addressed the evident problem of the critical shortage of
health care workers.
This pilot program is initiated from March 31 and would hang around onto October 31 this year, which
would also be considered as the second prevailing Quebec’s pilot program conducted this year.
The temporary foreign workers who were held with certain eligible jobs had been benefited through as
Qubec had processed to open this pilot program application in the food processing sectors.
On April 22, the artificial intelligence, information technology and visual effects sectors are pertained to
get access to the third pilot program which is opened.
About 1,650 principal applicants plus their family members annually were to be issued through the
three pilots by the Quebec’s province after their applications get passed on the terms of eligibility.
According to Quebec, these three permanent immigration pilot projects are to be launched soon that
would be provident to alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in the critical sectors which has been
affected by the post pandemic COVID-19 recovery criteria.
Orderlies Permanent Immigration Pilot Program
In accordance to the National Occupational Classification Code 3413, the temporary foreign workers
who are working as orderlies, nurses aides, and patient service associates were targeted to be invited
who had been proficiently fluent in French language.
Work and Studies-work are the two programs prevailing under the pilot program.
Work stream eligibility of workers include these factors ;
 The candidates must contain an year diploma related to the field, alone the full time
study Program evident for the diploma of vocational studies.
 Work experience of 24 months in the field as orderly which has a precedence of three
years application date.
 Work experience of 12 months in the medical health field or any health care sectors
outside the Quebec’s province with the precedence of three years application date.
Work-study stream eligibility of workers include these factors ;
 The candidates must have graduated with Quebec diploma of vocational studies with
precedence of two years availed work eligibility in occupation of orderly.
 Work experience of atleast 12 months as orderly with the precedence of two years with
the date of submission of your application.

 Completion of Institutional Home care assistance study Program alongside the
secondary diploma of vocational studies.
Food processing workers get their access to the permanent residence
Foreign workers with prevailing the intermediate fluent knowledge on french, with the job
occupation in Quebec are considered to be benefited through this pilot program.
Candidates who are susceptible for the eligibility under this pilot program are;
 They must contain high school diploma or professional studies diploma from a
program in Quebec.
 A work experience of 24 months in a full-time job in Quebec with the precedence of
three years application date.
 Intermediate knowledge in oral French at level 7 in accordance of the proficiency levels
in adult immigrants.
The Occupational consideration are inclusive of
 Industrial butcher, meat cutter, poultry preparer and related workers (NOC 9462),
 Worker as food and beverage processing (NOC 9617);
 Agricultural worker, (NOC 8431)
 Labourer in the marine processing plants (NOC 9463);
 Machine and industrial process operator in food and beverage processing (NOC 9461);
and the cleaning Specialized category (NOC 6732).