Express Entry allots 266 candidates invited through the new PNP draw

25 points lower in the new CRS score requirement in comparison to prior PNP draws.

On April 14, 266 Express Entry candidates have  applied for permanent residence.

Canadian Experience Class-only draw have a requirement of minimum score of 753, in order to be invited in the draw, this usually occurs to those candidates who had received their PNP nomination  (Provincial Nominee Program) as they get automated scores of 600 in addition. Candidates who don’t receive their nomination, the least minimum score would be around 153 points. 

As per the tie-break rule, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), candidates who score 753 as their minimum points get invited after they apply their profiles to the Express Entry profile, the deadline was set  around March 01, 2021. 

Express Entry draws 

In 2021, about 49,390 Express Entry candidates were been accounted as they were invited to apply in for the permanent residence, and this credited to twice the numbers when compared to the previous years. 27,332 Candidates were sent invitations by the IRCC on February 13 considering every candidate eligible for the CEC. 

Adamant to their aim, Canada had raised their welcome through Express Entry intake entries as the Federal Government had committed to target about 01,000 newcomers in 2021, through the Express Entry system. CEC candidates or PNP candidates were been invited as a result to the 12 draws conducted throughout 2021.

Although the CEC score had the lowest score minimum as they had no intention to compete with other programs, hence sending offers to top high scoring candidates inviting them to apply for permanent residence . Through the PNP draws conducted, each candidates eligible would attain an additional score of 600 points which would validate after the provincial nomination. 

CEC candidates those had already emerged in the provincial state were given the utmost priority as well as they had been accounted about 95 per cent making it the largest to pass through the Express Entry. Candidates around 21,000 were deluded eligible for the CEC as their requirements include in the work experience as the key criterion. 

The Express Entry candidates were preferred onto mire eligible than those of the Federal High Skilled program candidates. About 69 per cent of candidates were already existing in Canada. Since the candidates were invited by the provincial nomination, they already show diverse demonstration on their proficiency to succeed on the labour market. 

In account of a total of 669 candidates, about 95 per cent invited were outside of Canada, 55 percent candidates were in Federal Skilled Trades. 

Express Entry

Express Entry is an application program wherein the federation immigrants are recruited. These thereby flow along three streams,  the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.

The CRS scores are considered under conditions based on your profile of work experience, education, age, and official language ability,  score gets allotted to the respective candidate.  ITAs are issued to the highest-scoring candidates  and are invited by the IRCC through the round of invitations accordingly. 

The federal government give in invites to the candidates through the Provincial nomination, where the candidates had to file an Expression of Interest to the province in accordance to apply for the immigration. A candidate’s rankings gets elucidated with the invitation of a provincial nomination, with the additional reward points of 600, this in return makes them an approach criteria in receiving their ITAs.