IRCC to cease declines regarding the extension of the immigration applications

The incomplete documents and delays pertained due to Covid-19 no longer to become a hurdle, as they have made it accessible to apply for a permissible extension. 

The immigration applications deadlines had been readily scaled down due to the coronavirus pandemic disruptions.

In a glint of reducing the IRCC’s current workload, and to execute quick decision making of the immigration applications, IRCC had regulated an updated media release to minimize the up scaling impacts of document submission and client handling deadlines. These had stirred up major changes in  citizenship, permanent residence, and temporary residence applicants.

The IRCC had been decided on not permitting Visitor Visas and Confirmation of Permanent Residence holders unless they had officially been exempt from the travel restrictions. 

Provident of documentation to IRCC 

The required documents to be submitted as mentioned through the emails and letters, therein all these documents must be submitted soon after. 

The following documents to be submitted to the services provided nearby which can be viewed on the government webpage. 

Around 30 days would be allotted to send by tge documents mentioned after the IRCC makes it’s regressive announcement, after which the documents are readily gone through a check by the officials to approve your applications. If the required documents aren’t to be handed over in the permitted time of 30 days, the whole application process might get cancelled and be abandoned. 

If documents aren’t being provided 

Due to stabilizing reasons, if the documents aren’t being accessed to the department, IRCC states that the terms would be negotiable. 

But not every explicable reasons are to be accepted, a few valid ones are as follows.,

  • Prevention from providing your biometrics due to the temporary closure of a Visa Application Centre or Application Support Centre in your arena. 
  • Wide region lockdown which may prevent you to hand over the supporting documents such as police certificates, or undergoing a medical examination. 

Within the 30 days expiration provided the officials term onto the reasonable excuses in order to permit and grant you the extension of the application submission dates. If they agree on not been received a justified reason, your application may be filed as a rejection. The updates would soon be provident by the officials and it isn’t a necessity to contact them through.