AI requirement of pilots in Quebec ‘s immigration system. Application regarding Tech workers reported to be spot on.

In order to get access to the the permanent selection in Quebec, candidates ought to submit application from the tech skills workers in artificial intelligence, information technology and visual effects industries.

 On April 22, an economic immigration pilot project was launched for the foreign employers in AI

IT and visual effects. A total of 550 pool of applicants  along with their family are permitted by the five-year pilot project, every year. Applicants must plan on to work and settle in Qubec.

This specific programs aims to close in the shortage gap of the significant labour shortage in the key sector of Quebec’s economy.

The new pilot program insight

This pilot program has been made accessible to the foreign worker or as a Quebec graduate in order to get into the AI stream. 

Artificial intelligence, and Information technology and visual effects are the three sectors introduced under this pilot. Besides this, Francophone and francization are the two evident profiles. The qualifying requirement for the francophone is to secure oral proficiency of 7 on the Quebec scale of proficiency levels in French usually for adults. Under the francization profile, candidates who intend to apply must be committed in learning French, so that during the submission retrieval they would automatically get be registered with an immigrant integration service. The main prospective behind this program is to provide sustainable support to the candidates willing to learn French and try to integrate into the Quebec’s society. 

It is considered prerequisite for an immigrants to learn French in order to make their way to Qubec. The usual procedure for immigration through province is taken place in the case of non-francophones under this pilot project who are considered as an important exception. 

The deadline allotted for this pilot program is within April 22 to October 31, 2021. 

Pilot projects and it’s three streams in action. 

The launch of  programs for orderlies, and food processing workers has emerged a way for the pilot program to launch almost the month after. 

In October 2020, the Quebec immigration made an announcement of the three pilot stream projects which are open for the applications. 

550 spots per program, which is a total of 1650 spots get allotted each year. Quebec plans on to cut the gap of the ongoing labour force shortages in several sectors in the province, thereby they had initiated these programs. 

Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) is been awarded to the candidates apt and eligible to apply in for the program. After having receiving this certificate, the candidates can further go forth to apply for permanent residence to the Federal Government.